The questions we asked

These are the questions we asked the top 20 managers and investors alongside the answers of the 11 that got back to us.

  1. Do you measure the carbon footprint of your infrastructure portfolio? And do you measure your footprint at the GP level?

  2. Do you have any fossil-fuelled energy generation/transmission assets in your portfolio? If so, what percentage of your portfolio do they represent?

  3. Do you have any energy-transition assets in your portfolio? If so, what percentage of your portfolio do they comprise?

  4. Have you implemented or have plans to implement, emissions-reduction targets across your infrastructure portfolio?

    a) Could you provide details on those targets, including how much CO2 you are offsetting and how you will go about doing it?

    b) Do you seek to also influence the supply chain your   portfolio companies work with?

    c) Will you be relying on data gathering and/or technology to ‘green’ your portfolio?

    d) Are you reducing emissions at the GP level, by, for example, rationing travel or offsetting it?

  5. How resilient is your infrastructure portfolio to climate change?

    a) Do you have any assets that are particularly exposed to climate change?

    b) Does your portfolio require climate-adaptation measures, and, if so, what is the projected capex spend?

    c) Have you already spent capex making your portfolio more climate-resilient? And if so, how much?

    d) Also, will this spend impact the projected returns of your infrastructure portfolio?

    f) Have you ever divested an asset due to climate-change considerations?

  6. Could climate change adversely impact the valuation of your infrastructure portfolio?

  7. Have you adopted a strategy for future assets you will be investing in? For example, investing less in fossil fuel-based assets and more or only in clean energy?