Third unsolicited highway P3 approved in Colombia

Chirajara-Villavicencio will become the third unsolicited highway project approved by the Colombian government as part of the 4G road programme.

After receiving no competing bids, Colombian Vice President German Vargas Lleras announced on Monday that Estructura Plural Villavicencio 3, the project originator, will win the $1.9 billion contract for the Chirajara-Villavicencio public-private partnership (PPP; P3) highway project.

“We're starting this week with great news for infrastructure,” Lleras said. “As no opponents arose to challenge the proposed Estructura Plural Villavicencio 3, which was the project originator, the ANI today awarded execution of the Chirajara-Villavicencio [P3].”

Lleras also pointed out that the project will strengthen connectivity between Bogota and the department of Llanos Orientales, increase road safety, and improve emergency care in the region.

Formed by Episol, a subsidiary of local financial services firm Corficolombiana, Estructura Plural Villavicencio 3 will manage, operate and maintain the entirety of the 85.6-kilometre Bogota-Villavicencio corridor along and construct a new 24.6-kilometre divided highway between Chirajara and Villavicencio. The new stretch of roadway will be rated for up to 80 km per hour. 

Project works include the construction of seven new tunnels, 20 bridges and viaducts, nine communications galleries within the Bellavista tunnel, five pedestrian bridges and improved Villavicencio access.  

In total, 6,000 jobs will be created throughout the construction process.

“This is one of the most complex engineering projects that are hiring in the Fourth Generation of New Highways (4G), which will improve safety and relieve one of the most important corridors of the country,” said ANI President Luis Fernando Andrade.

The Chirajara-Villavicencio P3 is the third unsolicited highway project approved by the Colombian government under the $25 billion 4G program. It follows the 225-kilometre, $1.02 billion Ibague-Cajamarca project, which is currently awaiting land purchase and environmental review, and the 325-kilometre, $1.26 billion Meta Malla Vial project, which was awarded to Grupo Odinsa earlier this month.

Two other unsolicited proposals are currently under consideration by the ANI, including the 35-kilometre, $370.5 million Cesar-La Guajira project and the 256-kilometre, $1.3 billion Cambao-Manizales project, both of which opened in March and will continue seeking proposals until mid-May.