U.S. Institutional Investors

Overview of U.S. investors’ appetite

Infrastructure Investor Research & Analytics profiles and monitors over 470 US-based institutional infrastructure investors. The largest investor groups are foundations and endowments (44%) and public/corporate pension funds (30%). 

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83 percent of US investors will consider investing in energy, making it the most preferred sector. Renewables and transport are also popular as approximately 40 and 29 percent have an appetite for each sector respectively. 

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North America is without doubt the first investment destination for US investor. For other markets, 51 percent will look into Western Europe, and 44 percent will consider Asia-Pacific.

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US investors have continued to seek new infrastructure investment opportunities over recent months. Earlier in May, the $148 billion New York City Retirement System (NYCRS) announced that it had committed $300 million to IFM Global Infrastructure Fund and $200 million to First Reserve Energy Infrastructure Fund II (FREIF II). In April, the New Mexico State Investment Council (SIC) also confirmed its $100 million commitment to FREIF II. The Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) has also approved an investment commitment of up to $100 million initially, and up to another $50 million for follow-on investments, in the Fortress Worldwide Transportation and Infrastructure Investors Fund.