WATCH: More Belt & Road projects to be signed in RMB – CLSA

Investors should explore opportunities under the China-led One Belt One Road initiative with a long-term view, as China looks to build an ecosystem for trade, argues CLSA’s Alexious Lee.


“There is no exact clear policy for One Belt, One Road, but if you see how China will probably proceed from here, I think in the near term the key message is that you will see more public private partnership approvals.

“This is important because it is an enabler that allows the Chinese companies to provide a one-stop, turn-key solution to the host country they are working with.

“In the past we have done things like BT Built Transfer, BOT the Build-Operate-Transfer projects.

“Now in the PPP format, you can involve local companies as operators, and Chinese as construction companies, and that model will probably be beneficial to all parties.

“In terms of the medium-term aspect, we think that right now with RMB internationalisation, we start to see more projects getting signed and settled in RMB terms.

“So that is viable within a medium term or from 2020 onwards.

“China is trying to create an eco-system for trade. So you need to have a longer view about China’s role in the region and the role of RMB in the region.

“So for investors, they should look beyond just the near-term expectation on whether the policy will go through.

“…with China playing a bigger role in the region, infrastructure will be more important as more Chinese investors start to go overseas.

“That is something that every country that works with China needs to consider and for investors, they also need to understand or take at least a view on whether this…

“…demographic change will benefit the country and what infrastructure will probably benefit the most.”