WATCH: Privatisations overheated, but plenty of dealflow elsewhere in Japan

Seaports, oil terminals and toll roads currently owned by the country’s corporates are good targets for infra funds, argues Marunouchi Infrastructure director Satoshi Mukoyama.

Video transcript:

“In Japan, there are many say seaports, oil terminals, tank terminals or toll roads, or district heating systems, that are owned by manufacturers, real estate developers, or trading houses, that were traditionally not seen as investment destinations by infrastructure funds in Japan. But we do think these sectors, these assets, represent infrastructure-type risk and return profile.”

“We hope and I think within two or three years, there will be other energy-related opportunities, other than renewables, will be emerging, partially triggered by the unbundling of large utilities.”

“There is a big wave of airport privatisations. There is a big wave of water and sewage privatisations. We do see opportunities from those sectors, but at the same time, it is a little bit overheated.”

“At this moment, we are one of the very few infrastructure fund managers in Japan. But in five years’ time, in 10 years’ time, we hope and we believe there will be a lot more active [managers]. If you look at the population, look at the economy in Japan, there should be a lot of infrastructure fund managers active in this country.”