Webcast: The evolving definition of infrastructure as the asset class matures

Six fund managers take a look back at infrastructure's journey from a nascent asset class to an established strategy, as well as the changes in risk, approach and benefits that have accompanied it.

In our latest in a series of Global Summit On-Demand webcasts, we talk with six experts about infrastructure’s evolution as an asset class: how it’s been affected by issues such as climate change and discussions around net zero in Europe and the UK; how its risk profile has changed; and how it’s moved beyond brick-and-mortar assets. We also examine how the debate surrounding infrastructure has moved from questions such as “is it an investable asset class?” to pinning down definitions of core, core-plus and value-added strategies.

The guests are: Carsten Haubner, portfolio manager at KGAL; Andrew Claerhout, partner at Searchlight Capital Partners; Hamish MacKenzie, managing director and head of infrastructure at DWS; Jim Metcalfe, co-managing partner and head of global investments at Alinda Capital Partners; Armin Rothauser, head of non-real estate debt lending at Starwood Capital; and Daniel von Preyss, head of private equity infrastructure at Impax Asset Management.

The session was moderated by Lawrence Slade, chief executive of the Global Infrastructure Investor Association.