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    April 2014 Issue

    A road to less noise and pollution

    The L2 road in Marseilles was one of the leading projects in France last year. Julien Touati and Matthieu Muzumdar of deal participant Meridiam Infrastructure explain the rationale and the challenges encountered

    Emerging from the shade of solar

    Environment-related investing is not all about solar, wind and other renewable energies. The likes of grids, electricity interconnections and energy efficiency are now also grabbing attention. Andy Thomson finds out why

    India’s silver linings

    Infrastructure spending in the giant Asian economy has been rising markedly, but various factors have contributed to investor caution. Aditya Aggarwal of IDFC Alternatives explains why it makes sense to keep the faith.

    Life in the slow lane

    More than a year after France turned off the tap on large PPPs, investors are still looking for direction. Matthieu Favas reports from Paris on where the next opportunities are likely to arise

    Mapping the UK flood risks

    Following persistent rainfall in the UK during the winter months, one firm has sought to enable investors to better assess the potential for floods in particular parts of the country. Mark Fermor of ESI Ltd explains how

    Public servant who means business

    US Congressman John Delaney talks with Kalliope Gourntis about his entrepreneurial past, his current legislative initiatives, and how he hopes to make the US better

    The power of diversification

    The last few months have seen a flurry of environment-themed funds float in the UK. John Laing’s David Hardy and Chris Tanner tell Matthieu Favas why theirs stands out from the crowd

    Why investors and consumers have a common interest

    Short termism is resulting in a raw deal for both investors and consumers in the UK, argues Mat Riley of EC Harris. He suggests how to mend a broken framework for the benefit of both.

    PPP round-up

    We take a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month.

    Taking stock

    Creating a robust P3 market in the US has proven neither easy nor a sure bet, but until now Virginia has been a shining example. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    Editors choice
    Brazil in fear of own goal

    As this summer’s soccer World Cup fast approaches, host cities’ infrastructure plans appear to be unravelling.

    Driverless cars: an accident waiting to happen?

    New technology may remove the need for humans at the steering wheel, but private owners of toll roads might be heading for a crash.

    Wings defeat wind

    Rare bird populations have reportedly scuppered part of a major UK offshore wind project.

    News & Analysis
    A planet and a market heating up

    A leading economist had a packed room to address as he called for the help of the infrastructure asset class in a vital mission. Andy Thomson reports.

    Addressing South Africa’s backlog

    Road maintenance in particular will benefit from a new local/international partnership.

    Ambitions derailed

    Thailand’s political crisis has claimed another casualty – a $62bn bill to equip the country with a high-speed railway

    More PPPs, please

    A survey finds German institutional investors unable to express their love of the public-private partnership.

    Terra Firma’s gamble

    The Guy Hands-led fund manager has reshuffled senior management at its renewable energy infrastructure business. It will probably face tough questions as it raises its debut fund.

    The imaginary cost of tax breaks

    The main argument against the Partnership to Build America Act is how much the proposed tax breaks will cost the government in lost tax revenue. But ‘lost’ implies having something in the first place.

    Will Europe snatch defeat from jaws of victory?

    Investors from China, the Gulf, Canada and elsewhere have their eyes on the UK in particular – but could be foiled by pipeline and regulatory weaknesses.