Brazilian state seeks US advisor for airport PPP

Minas Gerais issued an RFP in a bid to attract private investments into five regional hubs.

A state in south Brazil is seeking a US advisor to help it procure private-sector investment into five regional airports in need of expansion.

The state of Minas Gerais has issued a request for proposals for a US-based firm to help plan a public-private partnership for its airports. The Secretariat for Planning and Management said that airport operators in Brazil have limited funds to invest in expansion and are struggling to keep up with growth. The agency is looking to invite private sector investment through a PPP or concession agreement.

The advisor would help the five airports develop investment and financial feasibility plans and estimate the level of private sector interest. Bids for the proposal are due on 21 November.

In March, Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency awarded three European companies a $1 billion concession to operate and expand four airports, which together represent 12 percent of total airport passengers in Brazil, 12.6 percent of cargo transportation and 8.6 percent of Brazilian air traffic. Part of the concession calls for the bidders to improve airport facilities, including new terminals, landing and take-off runways and increased parking. Investments planned at the four airports exceed 6.6 billion reais ($2.1 billion; €1.8bn).