Chart of the Week: Global& European LPs appetite for sector

Renewables is the second most popular sector to European LPs 


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Infrastructure Investor’s Research & Analytics team monitors global infrastructure investors’ activities. We have profiled over 1500 limited partners (LPs) around the world in the asset class as to date and 432 of them are based in Europe. As we revealed before, energy dominates both general partners (GPs) investment scopes and LPs appetite, following by transport and renewables sectors. But when we compare appetite of global LPs and European LPs, the latter’s appetite for renewables stands out. Renewables is the second most popular sector to European LPs.

Whether investing individually or issuing mandates to have exposure in renewables, some European LPs chose to form alliances when several GPs, such as Churchill Stateside Group, Oxford Capital Partners and SolarCity launched pure renewables funds in Q1 2015. For example, Investinor and Sustainable Technologies Fund supported merger of two Nordic wind developers and will hold the new company. In the UK, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) and the London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA) formed a partnership to deploy up to £500 million in local transport, housing and renewable energy projects over the next three to four years.