DOWNLOAD: Infra fundraising in 2020 rose to the challenge

The asset class may not have been completely immune to covid's impact but with only a 15% dip compared with 2019, it certainly pulled through nicely.

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Infrastructure fundraising last year may have been $18 billion shy of the 2019 total, but at $102.6 billion it still recorded a strong year despite the challenges 2020 presented.

While the largest fund close – that of Brookfield Infrastructure Fund IV on $20 billion – occurred before the lockdowns and uncertainty set in with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, other funds also reached final close on or above target.

Antin Infrastructure Partners, for example, closed Antin Infrastructure Partners IV on its €6.5 billion hard-cap in July, on time and oversubscribed. In October, DIF Capital Partners closed DIF Infrastructure VI on €3 billion, a hard-cap it had raised earlier that month to accommodate new investors.

LP commitments may have taken a bit longer to finalise, but the average time spent fundraising was 19 months, just two months longer than the average time recorded in 2019.

The data also reveal that rather than an emergence of trends, there is a continuation of those we’ve seen recently, such as capital flowing towards energy and renewables, consolidation in the industry and growing fund sizes.

Check out our interactive fundraising report above for the full breakdown of fundraising activity in 2020. You can also download the report as a PDF HERE and download the data HERE.