Download: Pre-coronavirus fundraising Q1 is biggest ever

Just shy of $45bn was raised by closed-end, unlisted infrastructure funds, with Brookfield's fourth flagship vehicle accounting for almost half that amount.

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With almost $45 billion raised for unlisted, closed-end infrastructure funds, Q1 2020 was the best first quarter ever. However, two important caveats apply: the start of the fundraising year counts the final close of the second-largest infrastructure vehicle ever raised, Brookfield Infrastructure Fund IV; and this strong performance was recorded just before covid-19 plunged the world into crisis.

The first caveat is a now familiar sight, as blue-chip managers closing mega-funds have the capacity to significantly inflate quarterly figures. Take the $20 billion BIF IV out of the equation, though, and you are still left with the third-best Q1 since 2014.

It’s the impact of the coronavirus on the rest of the fundraising year that is harder to predict. Anecdotal evidence suggests that managers with a track record that are currently well-advanced in their fundraising processes should be able to cross the finish line, though perhaps with a few delays. We are also seeing evidence of an appetite among LPs to capitalise on smart buys once things settle down a bit. All of this should bode well for the fundraising year.

Check out our interactive fundraising report above for the full breakdown of fundraising activity in Q1. You can also download the report as a PDF HERE and download the data HERE.