DOWNLOAD: Welcome to the golden age of fundraising

We look ahead to 2019 and, using data from 50 managers, break down the cost of different strategies, highlight sticky terms and show how fee leakage reveals costs beyond the gross-to-net IRR spread.

With almost three months to go before the year ends, 2018 is already the biggest fundraising year on record – with $68.82 billion raised by 43 funds compared with the $68.16 billion amassed by 74 funds in 2017. What’s more, 2019 threatens to be even bigger, considering some of the biggest names in the industry are back on the fundraising trail.

Our interactive presentation (hover over to go full screen) takes a look at our data to show you what you can expect from the fundraising market going forward. Also, using bfinance data on 50 managers in market since 2016, we break down the cost of different infrastructure strategies, highlight which terms have remained particularly sticky and show how fee leakage reveals costs not always factored into the gross-to-net IRR spread.

To download the presentation in PDF format, please click here.