EIB invests over €24bn in PPPs over last 10 years

2008 was the peak year for the European Investment Bank, when it contributed €3.9bn to help fund European public-private partnerships. Its second-most active year was 2010, with €3.4bn lent to projects across the continent.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has lent €24.2 billion to European public-private partnerships (PPPs) from 2000 to 2010, according to figures disclosed by the bank and the European PPP Expertise Centre.
The bank has funded a total of 128 projects over the 10-year period. Its peak year was 2008, when it lent €3.9 billion to European PPPs. Its second-most active year was 2010, when it committed €3.4 billion to PPPs across the continent.
The low-point in the bank’s lending activity was recorded in 2005, when it only provided €826 million to European projects, followed by 2003, when it lent €1.3 billion. The EIB’s largest loan, amounting to €1 billion, was granted to a metro line in Madrid in 2000.
To view a year-by-year breakdown of the bank’s lending activity, check out the chart below. To access the full list of projects financed over the 10-year period, please click on related links.