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GRESB data: The regional view and how the sectors compare

The 2019 survey illustrated the growing emphasis infrastructure funds are placing on ESG. Yet progress in implementing standards is uneven across sectors.

GRESB’s 2019 infrastructure assessment throws up some interesting results.

Some 107 funds answered questions on how they integrate environmental, social and governance analysis into their processes. These responses have been used to calculate scores for both funds and assets.

Funds are making solid progress in most areas towards improving their GRESB scores. Almost all now have senior decision-makers accountable for ESG issues, along with policies setting out their approach to ESG.

The data also show that assets vary drastically by sector in how they integrate ESG. Utilities, energy and power generation are performing relatively well, but social infrastructure is languishing far behind, reflecting the need for greater priority to be given to ESG factors.

Meanwhile, GRESB has launched a new module measuring resilience. Funds are generally at an early stage of integrating resilience into decision-making. Although almost all have an accountable decision-maker, very few have set specific climate resilience goals.