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    May 2017 Issue

    ‘Pipelines for data’

    From telecom towers to data centres, growing data consumption is connecting more investors to communications infrastructure. Andrew Vitelli reports

    Adjusting for risk

    Simon and Jessica Wilde find that unlisted returns, when adjusted for risk, outperform listed infrastructure and the wider equity markets. However, investors need to assess the relative merits of unlisted and listed infrastructure against other asset classes

    How to structure a Qualifying Infrastructure Fund

    Done correctly, these new vehicles allow regulatory capital under Solvency II to be cut by up to 16 and 18 percentage points for infrastructure debt and equity respectively, Jegor Tokarevich and Jens-Eric von Duesterlho explain

    Connecting the continent

    Amid a burgeoning need for faster digital infrastructure across Europe, Cube Infrastructure managing partner Henri Piganeau talks about how the sector fits into its strategy and sheds light on the €500m fund it is managing for the EIB and the European Commission

    Spotlight: PT Asuransi Jiwa Adisarana WanaArtha

    Evelina Pietruschka, chairperson of Indonesian private insurer WanaArtha Life and secretary general of the ASEAN Insurance Council, shares her views with Nia Tam on her home market and the best way to access it.

    Impactful, but not impact investor-led

    Renewables are probably the most visible impact investments in infrastructure, but Equilibrium Capital’s Dave Chen tells Kalliope Gourntis impact investors had little to do with the sector’s global explosion

    Beyond public relations

    While defining impact investing remains a work in progress, the number of investors seeking to create social and environmental benefits through their investments is clearly increasing. Kalliope Gourntis spoke with several industry experts about what motivates them and the challenges to be overcome

    A lesson in what not to do

    Were it not for Brexit, Thames Water’s record £20m fine could’ve easily served as the poster child for those wanting to roll back privatisation

    Financing the future

    Revenue stream visibility is a key issue for battery storage projects. Jordan Stutts looks at Macquarie Capital’s recent financing of 50MW of batteries in California to find out what it says about the nascent asset class

    Run it like a great business

    Adebayo Ogunlesi sat down with Bruno Alves and Philip Borel at our Berlin Global Summit to talk about GIP III’s record fundraise, the firm’s operational focus, its one significant misstep and why everything it owns is for sale

    If you build it

    Canada’s Liberal government is in the midst of creating an infrastructure bank. But announcements and execution are two different things. How will the bank move Canadian infrastructure investing forward? Joel Kranc and four key industry participants find out