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Arcus’ active value creation approach

Neil Krawitz and Francesco Nale, partners at European fund manager Arcus, share their views on the evolution of infrastructure strategies and how they deliver their ‘value-add’ strategy.

Roundtable: Investing in Europe is harder work

With the threat of political intervention and restrictions on infrastructure investment looming, we talk to five industry professionals who remain confident about the prospects for dealflow and fundraising in Europe’s saturated mid-market.

Shades of green

In Europe and the US, the growth of renewables, buoyed by public opinion, has shifted the energy equation. Dean Kennedy, Deutsche Bank’s London-based Global Transaction Banking product manager, and Brent Canada, the bank’s New York-based head of infrastructure and energy debt origination, share their views from both sides of the pond.

Changing times

Across the infrastructure sector, technological advances are changing the way managers approach their assets. Duncan Symonds, European director of asset management for IFM Investors, believes adjusting to this landscape is essential if you want to thrive and not only survive in the sector in the years to come.

Keep calm and carry on

As the UK continues to consider the fallout of its recent votes, three leading infrastructure investors gather to tell us why they continue to have faith in the country despite the risks.

Navigating a changing infra market

Q: Europe has historically been a very bank-centric infrastructure debt market. How has that changed? MN: The European institutional debt market has evolved significantly over the past few years. While the US traditionally provided a deep, liquid debt market for European issuers, the emergence of a European institutional debt market for the sector is changing […]

Finding solutions for a dynamic debt landscape

With infrastructure funds having to adapt to a constantly changing market, Jamie Mehmood, RBS International’s newly appointed head of infrastructure and renewable energy funds and Ian Stocker, senior director and coverage lead for the sector, explain how this has affected managers’ financing needs and the value that banking partners can provide.

Segmentation now: The law of evolution in infra debt

Maturity is giving rise to multiple infrastructure debt strategies that go beyond a senior/junior split. Six industry professionals tell us how to hunt for relative value in a fast-changing market, why mezz might be better than core equity, and how it can be difficult to price assets in a distorted market.