PODCAST: Gazing into the future – 5 tips for long-term investors

Wired editor-at-large and futurist Ben Hammersley explains how to deal with exponential growth, discusses the needs created by new technology and explains why cognitive-enhancing infra is a must in the age of AI.

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As someone who’s been working with companies and governments for more than a decade to help them understand and prepare for what lies ahead, Ben Hammersley, a futurist and editor-at-large at Wired magazine, could not have been better placed to advise infrastructure investors on how to approach long-term investment.

That’s exactly what he did when he addressed delegates at our recent Global Summit in Berlin (read our nine takeaways from the event here). In this 14-minute podcast, we bring you five highlights from Hammersley’s talk that should help you peek into the future without needing a crystal ball.