Infrastructure capital remains all in on climate agenda, despite global headwinds

In this podcast, Matthieu Muzumdar of Meridiam and Neil Krawitz of Arcus Infrastructure Partners assess the state of play for sustainable investing, and discuss the opportunities and challenges for institutional capital.

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This episode is sponsored by Arcus Infrastructure Partners and Meridiam

That the world is on the path to climate catastrophe, and that urgent action is needed to reverse it, is widely agreed upon. Yet, a sudden weakening of resolve at the political level has been evident in 2023, with some European governments delaying or diluting their previous climate policy commitments amid challenges like the cost-of-living crisis and geopolitical tensions. In the United States, ESG has even become part of the ideological battle between Republicans and Democrats.

In this episode of Spotlight, Neil Krawitz, partner and head of ESG and asset management at Arcus Infrastructure Partners, and Matthieu Muzumdar, partner and deputy chief executive officer at Meridiam, tell Infrastructure Investor’s Helen Lewer that despite this challenging backdrop, infrastructure capital remains steadfast in its commitment to investing sustainably. They share their thoughts on where the opportunities are for the sector to play its part in creating a greener and more socially equitable future.