PODCAST: Is it finally time for asset recycling in the US?

We catch up with IFM Investors executive director Tom Osborne on the new bipartisan infra plan, how to implement asset recycling in the US, PPPs, the new Infrastructure Financing Authority and much more.

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IFM Investors has been a long-time investor in US infrastructure and the owner of marquee assets like the Indiana Toll Road and the Colonial Pipeline, which was recently the victim of a well-publicised cyber-attack. The GP is also a well-known proponent of asset recycling, the framework first used in Australia to successfully privatise existing infrastructure assets, ploughing proceeds into new infrastructure.

With the introduction of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan, private capital investment in US infrastructure is now explicitly referenced, including public-private partnerships and asset recycling. In conversation with senior editor Bruno Alves, IFM Investors executive director Tom Osborne talks about how asset recycling could work in the US, the importance of a pilot grants programme for states and local authorities, and why the newly proposed Infrastructure Finance Authority is somewhat of a solution for a non-existent problem.