PODCAST: Why sustainable investing is not a luxury

Glennmont Partners’ Joost Bergsma and Actis’ Shami Nissan tell us why their respective firms will continue to focus on sustainability, rain or shine.

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This episode is sponsored by Glennmont Partners and Actis

Sustainability, along with the energy transition, has continued to climb up the political and corporate agenda. At the same time, opposing forces, such as an anti-ESG backlash in some corners and a tough macro environment most everywhere, have made investing sustainably more challenging.

In this episode of Spotlight, Glennmont Partners’ CEO Joost Bergsma and Actis’s head of sustainability Shami Nissan discuss how their firms approach sustainability – in theory and in practice – as well as what their LPs demand of them. They share their views on ESG, resilience and the emergence of dedicated climate allocations launched by a growing number of LPs.