See you at Davos!

Take heart in the fact infrastructure was a major point of discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month. This luminary- and glitterati-studded idea-fest placed infrastructure, or rather, its tawdry underdevelopment, in the centre of this years Forum white paper, “Global Risks Expert Perception Survey 2010”, which reads: “[U]nderinvestment in infrastructure [is] one of the most highly interconnected risks on the RIM. The strongest links are to fiscal crises, oil prices and natural catastrophes, but it also links to health issues, including infectious diseases as well as chronic diseases, and to food price volatility.”

Pitt, Jolie, Bono: sorry infrastructure, they’re

Important, but would those words go further if, say, Angelina Jolie read them aloud? The actress (and husband Brad Pitt) has been a big presence at past Forums advocating for refugees. Meanwhile, U2 frontman Bono is Mr. Africa at Davos. So who would like to give power grids, sewage systems and telecommunications infrastructure the same urgent appeal? We await word from the celebrity community. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t count (he’s become a real square with the whole governor gig).