A criminal omission

When compiling our Infrastructure Investor 30 ranking of the largest investors in the infrastructure asset class (see our June 2010 issue and go to https://www.infrastructureinvestor.com/Article.aspx?article=53344), we strived earnestly to consider the claims to inclusion of all relevant parties. Since compiling the ranking, however, a family office has come to light that was not previously on our radar.

Torre Bermeja:
infrastructure ambitions
curtailed here      

The Irish Times newspaper recently reported that Ireland’s Kinahan family has “ploughed money into companies including renewable energy, waste recycling and infrastructure projects”.

However, since the Kinahan family is apparently a “mafia-style operation with assets worldwide funded by drug trafficking, money laundering, gun running and even human trafficking” there’s surely a case for disqualifying this contender on moral grounds, even in the event that it met the criteria in our methodology.      

Nine suspects believed to be linked to the family were arrested at the Torre Bermeja apartment complex near Marbella towards the end of May. The omission of the family from the Infrastructure Investor 30 may not therefore be at the front of their minds.

In any case – although precise figures are hard to verify – it’s believed that the family fortune is merely in the hundreds of millions. With fund manager CP2 occupying our final place at number 30 with nearly $2 billion formed for infrastructure investment over the last five years, it appears unlikely that the Kinahans would have squeezed in.

Furthermore, if it’s true that nine of the investment team face being forcibly retired, we think the family’s chance of making the 2011 list has diminished considerably.