July / August 2013 Issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2013

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    The new infrastructure revolution

    Bruno Alves caught up with seven leading industry professionals in Sydney to discuss how Australia is re-writing the narrative on privatisation and making procurement more institutional investor friendly

    PPP round-up

    In this new regular section of the magazine, we take a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month

    In the sights of a new AK-47

    Are you prepared for cyber-attacks on infrastructure assets? If not, then you should be, warn Ben Beeson and Angel Kuan of Lockton

    A safe harbour for investment

    There is a new opportunity for container terminal investing in the US, according to Henry Pringle and Foster Finley of AlixPartners. However, do not expect the ‘second wave’ of opportunities to be the same as the first

    The case for active ownership

    McKinsey’s Robert Palter, argues that direct infrastructure investors should put capex and operations specialists on a par with deal originators to maximise returns

    Going where others fear to tread

    Many equity fund managers will talk of the project construction phase in awed tones – preferring to concentrate their efforts at the safer, operational end. Erich Becker tells Andy Thomson why Zouk Capital is happy to break the mould

    How capital recycling can ease rating pressures

    The need to build new infrastructure at a time of constrained finances presents challenges for Australia’s state governments. Matt Amor, Katie Dean and Cherelle Murphy of ANZ offer a possible solution

    Without funding, no pipeline

    Huge investment is required to fund Australia’s infrastructure, but where will it come from? Julian Vella of KPMG looks at the changing dynamics

    Putting the ‘social’ into ‘privatisation’

    The general public is usually against privatisations, but sentiment may all depend on the nature of the new owners. Michael Hanna of IFM explains further

    Regulation: banks won’t take it lying down

    The banking sector has been a target of increased regulation, but Greg Maclean of AMP Capital explores ways in which innovation could create new opportunities for investors and the banks themselves    

    Charting the changes

    Martin Stanley looks daunted at first, and then a smile breaks out. He has just been asked to assess the evolution of Macquarie’s infrastructure investing activities since the Australian banking and financial services giant first launched into the space around 20 years ago. The smile is because he now recalls a similarly enormous challenge that […]

    ‘Each toll road is different’

    Infrastructure asset valuation can be complex but also stimulating, finds Chris Glynn.

    Holding out for top dollar

    The infrastructure secondary market is not necessarily the place to go if you’re looking for bargains. Andy Thomson finds out why.

    A singular deal, regulatory danger and a wake-up call

    This month, our readers tell us regulation is still the key risk, argue that Meridiam’s unwrapped UK university bond deal is an exception, and stress emerging markets are not arriving: they are here now.

    Ultimately, the US will be fine

    Thanks to projects like the I-4 Ultimate in Florida, the US may yet find a way to avoid a huge predicted infrastructure shortfall. Karl Reichelt of Skanska assesses the P3 landscape.

    ‘We need to wield an enormous power’

    Madison Grose of Starwood Energy urges infrastructure investors to come together to shine a light on adverse behaviour by governments.

    The ‘great diversifier’

    Infrastructure is presented with a golden opportunity as low bond yields fail to prompt rotation into equities.

    A telling change of heart

    US transportation and infrastructure chief Bill Shuster has backed off high-speed rail, and so has Capitol Hill.

    A plug pulled

    Institutional investors can bring a lot of positives to the UK water industry - but the bidders for Severn Trent were denied the chance to prove it.

    Dead pigs on the road to success

    It seems city officials in China are more likely to be promoted if they invest in infrastructure rather than the environment.

    A question of ownership

    Who’d be a parent these days? One Spanish water company claims that it is – against all the evidence.

    ‘I can see the official’s just walked in’

    And, with that in mind, a leading asset class professional hastily watered down his reflections on PF2.