Building a future for girls

“We aim to disrupt the pink aisle,” says the website of GoldieBlox, a US manufacturer of toys that aim to get young girls interested in construction.

The website also includes a glaring data point from the National Science Foundation showing that males account for 87 percent of engineers worldwide, while females make up just 13 percent.

GoldieBlox, through its female-oriented products, aims to change all that. “Construction toys develop an early interest in these subjects [science, technology, engineering and math], but for over a hundred years they’ve been considered boys’ toys,” the website says.

The firm – a start-up company established by engineer Debbie Sterling – recently came to prominence by winning a “Small Business, Big Game” contest run by software accounting firm Intuit. The prize was the free airing of a 30-second GoldieBlox advertisement during the Super Bowl – thus making GoldieBlox the first small business to air an advertisement during the US’ most-watched televised event.

American football fans were thus given an early insight into an emerging trend: namely, the future of construction is female.