June 2015 Issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2015

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    More bang for your buck

    Demand for investment is huge, but how can the right conditions be created for infrastructure financing? Roland Chalons-Browne of Siemens Financial Services takes a look at the key issues

    Making Conservative estimates

    Following a surprise outcome in the UK’s general election, what will the new administration mean for infrastructure investors? Dominic Church and Angus Hill of Westminster Advisers offer their insights

    Firing up the growth engine

    Mexico’s long-awaited energy reforms are finally here, but will they measure up to market enthusiasm and high expectations? Deutsche Bank’s Will Marder considers the evidence

    Towering growth

    Rapidly increasing mobile data demand is driving global advances in telecoms infrastructure. Chase Collum reports

    How to earn trust in a ‘close-knit community’

    Bryan Gartenberg from Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking tells Andy Thomson how trust and agency services providers can best take advantage of the opportunities created by Mexico’s reforms

    A chance to share

    At Infrastructure Investor’s Tokyo Forum, participants discussed opportunities, challenges and differences in the world’s third-largest economy. Anne-Sophie Briant reflects on the highlights.

    Distinctively Canadian

    Six investment professionals sat down with Kalliope Gourntis to discuss what Canada has done right, what it can do better, and how it has managed to distinguish itself from a general ‘North American’ category when it comes to infrastructure

    And the winner is… the Equator Principles

    Tylor Hartwell of SMBC Europe argues that organisations not meeting environmental standards should be hit where it hurts – in the league tables.

    Rub of the green

    As fierce competition rages across core infrastructure markets, the argument for greater institutional investment in greenfield projects is slowly being won.

    Why climate change is not partisan

    Or perhaps to frame it more accurately, why it is but shouldn’t be. Kalliope Gourntis reports.

    Take-off for UK oil industry?

    Gatwick Airport was besieged by rumours that it may be the source of a new oil boom.

    Boldly going where no pipeline has gone before

    Actor William Shatner, known for his role as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, has a plan to provide Californians with much-needed running water.

    An American sinkhole

    While policymakers debate funding, US infrastructure users are forced to pay a price for legislative stalemate.

    Walking the walk

    Todd Bright makes the distinction between claiming to be a global infrastructure investor and actually being one, identifies the firm’s sweet spots in the Americas and explains how the communications sector is rife with as many opportunities as energy. Kalliope Gourntis reports

    Youth must be served

    For infrastructure’s scale to match its growing appeal, a new generation of fund managers must emerge. Threadmark’s Bruce Chapman and Andrew Harris explain the conditions that must be met for first-timers to succeed. By Matthieu Favas

    Sanity cheque

    The last 18 months have seen infrastructure funds of all strands surpass their original targets. Matthieu Favas zooms in on a selected few to try and understand what made their success

    Coming of edge

    As the infrastructure asset class grows ever more popular, investors’ tolerance for plain-vanilla funds is running thin. This is pushing managers to adopt increasingly tailored strategies, writes Matthieu Favas