October 2017 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2017

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    Family matters

    With assets in the trillions, a healthy penchant for private equity and autonomy over their investment strategy, family offices have a lot to offer fund managers, finds Isobel Markham

    Going bespoke

    SMAs made up nearly 6% of private capital raised last year. With KKR potentially in line to land a $3bn whopper, Marine Cole and Bruno Alves report on the structure

    Inside the search for a manager

    Anish Butani, Guy Hopgood and Kathryn Saklatvala, of consultancy bfinance, take us through three recent manager searches and how they went about fulfilling LPs’ expectations

    The curious case of the missing staff

    The curious case of the missing staff 2017-10-01 President Trump has seen his fair share of staff leave the White House in recent months, so perhaps he might like to lend a hand to his friends in the UK government. Its Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – responsible fo

    The land of opportunity

    With more than $7 billion invested in the US and a big chunk of its LPs now domiciled there, North American infrastructure head Julio Garcia tells Jordan Stutts of the US’s growing importance to IFM Investors

    Case closed

    Open-ended funds seem better suited for core infrastructure but, as Andrew Vitelli reports, US investors remain closed-minded

    The art of the haggle

    With the exception of hurdle rates, LPs can count victories on management fees, carry and the growing number of bespoke structures being employed, argues Bruno Alves

    Cool winds blowing

    Probitas Partners’ 2017 survey shows a majority of institutional investors are keeping their infrastructure exposure flat. Jordan Stutts finds out why

    Beyond profit

    While infrastructure owners operate essential parts of society’s basic functionality, many jurisdictions lack a clear governance framework. Peter Hofbauer, head of infrastructure at Hermes Investment Management, argues the industry needs to take its responsibilities to all stakeholders more seriously

    Staying Connected

    While Arcus invests across a range of infrastructure sub-sectors, partners Jack Colbourne and Christopher Ehrke tell us why they see data and connectivity as the ‘utilities’ of tomorrow

    Too frothy

    UK water illustrates how intense competition can threaten to destroy the conditions that attracted investors to a sector in the first place, writes Bruno Alves

    Fair winds

    Offshore wind has become cheaper than gas in the UK’s ‘astounding’ recent auction, which awarded strike prices to 3GW of renewables projects. Zak Bentley reports