Tell us what you have achieved in 2016

Infrastructure Investor's 2016 Global Awards are the infrastructure market’s most comprehensive, and the only ones voted on entirely by its participants.

With Christmas around the corner, awards season is in full swing here at Infrastructure Investor . After the most successful edition of our Debt Awards for Excellence, we are now preparing for the biggest edition of our longstanding Annual Awards.

As most of you know, the annual awards are the infrastructure industry's chance to pick out the top managers, investors, advisors and transactions of the last 12 months. They are reader-voted awards, with the Infrastructure Investor editorial team drafting up the shortlists on which you, the industry, will vote.

And while we don't have an official nominations process, we are very much open to hearing about what's kept you busy over the last 12 months. If you want to informally and confidentially do that, please click on this link . You have until 17 November to send us your milestones.

This year's awards encompass 60 categories for evaluation at both a global and regional level. They include almost all of the 55 categories awarded last year (which you can find on p. 15 of our Annual Review by clicking here ), plus six news ones we've just added, including:

Global debt fundraising of the year
Europe debt fundraising of the year
North America debt fundraising of the year
Asia Pacific debt fundraising of the year
Europe debt provider of the year
North America debt provider of the year

Following extensive internal evaluation and debate, the prevailing nominations will be published. You will have your chance to vote from the top four nominees in each category in an open process that is independent of sponsors or judges. The winners will reflect the esteem in which they are held by peers.

Shortlists will be revealed and voting opens in early December, so be sure to tell us about your year as soon as possible.