Tesla’s grid-scale battery systems arrive in the UK

Camborne Energy Storage says it plans to install the first Tesla Powerpack batteries at a solar project in Somerset, England.

Tesla Motor’s energy storage systems have arrived in the UK and will soon be installed to the first grid-scale projects in Europe, according to developer Camborne Energy Storage.

Energy storage has made headlines over the past few years as the next infrastructure subsector that is quickly gaining investors’ attention. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has generated much of this excitement with the development of the Tesla Powerpack, a storage system that can integrate with electricity grids and provide power for over 500 homes.

Camborne, which installs battery systems throughout the UK, said it will begin installing the powerpacks to a ground-mounted solar site in Somerset, England. “This project is another success for storage development in the UK and, being co-located with a renewable generation site, should offer significant benefits to all stakeholders,” Camborne managing director Dan Taylor said in a statement.

Last month, UK utility National Grid heavily favoured energy storage in an auction to develop projects that will integrate renewable energy sources with the electricity grid. Of the 64 unique sites that took part in National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Response tender, 61 went to battery systems, two went to demand reduction and one for thermal generation.

Tesla, which is known for its battery-powered cars, made an even bigger foray into clean energy in August when it agreed to buy US solar provider SolarCity for $2.6 billion, part of Musk’s plan to create a one-stop-shop for clean energy products.