Trump infra outline expected within weeks

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said the administration will release a statement of principles in the next two to three weeks, with Congressional action to come in the third quarter.

The Trump administration will unveil an outline of its infrastructure plans in the coming weeks, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said this weekend.

“We will be releasing principles in about two to three weeks, and then the legislative proposal will probably be tackled by the Congress in the third quarter,” she told Fox News on Sunday.

Chao made similar remarks the following day at a kick-off event for Infrastructure Week, a series of events and discussions held to promote infrastructure. Her comments suggest the administration may take a similar approach as it did with tax reform, releasing a one-page outline of the goals for legislation and leaving the details to be filled in later.

Chao told Fox that legislation is expected to include $200 billion of direct federal funding while also creating public-private partnership opportunities.

“It will look at some more innovative and creative ways of financing these infrastructure needs,” she said. “What I have been told is that there is actually a lot of money in the private sector waiting and eager to invest in public infrastructure.”

She reiterated President Donald Trump’s call for $1 trillion in infrastructure investment, saying that “both Democrats and Republicans want to have a better infrastructure”.
And while the expected outline may leave many questions unanswered, it is likely to be the most detailed plan yet disclosed by the administration.

A campaign paper released in October by two Trump advisors had suggested tax credits for private investors be used to spur infrastructure spending. But Chao’s promise of direct federal spending suggests Trump has moved away from the idea of an infrastructure overhaul entirely financed with private capital.