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US utility seeks proposals to build 450MW of clean energy

AEP operates a portfolio generating 31GW but has sought in recent years to diversify its investments to include more renewables.

American Electric Power's Ohio subsidiary is seeking proposals to develop 450MW of solar and wind projects.

The US utility based in Gahanna, Ohio issued a request for proposals for up to 250MW of wind projects and 100MW of solar projects, with each project 10MW or greater. Proposals are due on 16 February, 2017.

AEP Ohio said preference will be given to solar projects proposed in Ohio's Appalachian region, and those that create permanent manufacturing jobs and commit to hiring the state's military veterans.

As one of the largest utilities in the US, AEP has sought in recent years to diversify its portfolio away from fossil fuel generation. It owns around 31GW of generation capacity, including 3.2GW of renewables.

In September, AEP sold four power stations – three natural gas and one coal-fired facility – to Blackstone Group and Arclight Capital for $2.17 billion. AEP still owns more than 60 power plants across the US, 60 percent of which are fuelled by coal, 23 percent by natural gas, 5 percent by nuclear and the rest by wind and hydro.

The solar and wind projects AEP is currently procuring are part of its agreement with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to develop 500MW of new wind generation and 400MW of solar generation.