Vestas to use Tesla batteries on its wind turbines

The two will partner on future projects to store excess energy as Elon Musk continues to diversify his company away from vehicles.

Vestas Wind Systems, one of the largest turbine makers in the world, said it will partner with Tesla to deploy the tech company’s battery systems on future projects.

Vestas announced in April it was interested in finding ways to combine batteries with wind projects to store excess energy generated during periods of high wind. The turbine manufacturer, which last year surpassed General Electric as the largest developer in the US, said batteries will play a large role in further decreasing costs and increasing the reliability of wind projects.

“Across a number of projects, Vestas is working with different energy storage technologies with specialised companies, including Tesla, to explore and test how wind turbines and energy storage can work together in sustainable energy solutions that can lower the cost of energy,” Vestas said in a statement.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, has taken steps this summer to use his company’s battery technology for uses other than its famous electric vehicles. In July, Musk signed a deal with the South Australian government to build a 129MWh battery storage system.

In August, Tesla agreed to a partnership with Deepwater Wind, the company that developed the first US offshore wind farm last year. Tesla said it would deploy a 40MWh battery system on a 144MW project Deepwater is developing off the coast of Massachusetts.