VIDEO: Are LPs doing enough in the push for diversity?

In this three-minute video, delegates at PEI's Women in Private Markets Forum in London share whether LPs are seeking enough from their GPs to better promote diversity.

Diversity and inclusion in private equity is increasingly in the spotlight. Recent academic and industry research show that just 9.4 percent women of all senior positions at private equity firms globally, including managing directors, partners and C-suite executives, are held by women.

Change is happening, albeit slowly, with leadership and enforcement coming from LPs. According to the LP Perspectives 2020 survey that sister publication Private Equity International will release later this year, about one-third of investors are encouraging their GPs to promote gender diversity and inclusion. In fact, 14 percent of respondents have refused an investment opportunity because it lacked an acceptable presence of diversity and inclusion.

How much progress has actually been made in improving culture and promoting diversity in private equity firms? Are LPs doing so in sustained and systematic approach? We asked delegates at our Women in Private Markets Forum in London in early November.

This story originally appeared on the website of sister publication Private Equity International