Year-end spotlight: 10 influential infra bankers

InfrastructureInvestor looks back at 10 of the top infrastructure bankers operating in 2009. Chances are that in 2010 some of these financiers will lend their balance sheet to getting your next infrastructure deal done.

Back in July, the Infrastructure Investor team analysed which lenders were the most influential in the market. The end result was a list of 10 top financiers spread across the globe that we thought would be key to getting your infrastructure deal done. The list included:

– Gershon Cohen, Head of Project Finance, Lloyds Banking Group

– Cheryl Fisher, Head of Project Finance, European Investment Bank

– Stephen Howard, Head of Infrastructure Project Finance, Barclays

– Dana Levenson, Head of North American Infrastructure Financing, RBS

– James Miller, Head of Secured Debt Markets, RBS

– Thomas Maier, Business Group Director for Infrastructure, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

– Gavin Munro, Head of Infrastructure Project Finance, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking

– Adrian Olsen, Head of Project Finance, Bank of Ireland

– Mark Sullivan, Head of the US Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Credit Programme

– Laughlan Waterston, Head of PPP (EMEA), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe