April 2017 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2017

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    Asia’s investor-friendly hub?

    With only two wind turbines standing off the coast of the North Asian island, Taiwan seems to be attracting more private investment than other markets in the region, reports Nia Tam

    Voting with their wallets

    Weeks away from its most important election in living memory, France is bracing itself for a fair bit of political volatility. Yet for infrastructure investors, the market seems more exciting than it has been for a few years. Matthieu Favas reports

    A very modern revolution

    A region in the north of France once renowned for an economy based on coal mining is pioneering a new sustainable and ecological approach. Zak Bentley investigates

    Platforms are no panacea

    For investors seeking more discretion than funds offer, but daunted by the prospect of going at it alone, platforms look like an apt solution. The reality is more nuanced

    Money for nothing

    The use of credit facilities to delay capital calls is now widespread. What is at risk?

    Time to become more entrepreneurial

    Whether driven by technological disruption or diminished returns, the lesson from our Berlin Global Summit is that infrastructure investors need to dial up the entrepreneurialism

    Cash Cow?

    Drivers in rural areas often find themselves waiting in traffic until the cows come home

    Who’d like a carbon-neutral martini?

    Martini's largest production facility generates almost all its power from a hydroelectric facility

    Spotlight: RICS President Amanda Clack

    The RICS president, who is also the head of infrastructure (advisory) for EY in the UK and Ireland, was in the US in February as the UK organisation prepares a major paper set to be released this May. During her trip, Amanda Clack met with Andrew Vitelli to discuss the organisation, the paper and her views on infrastructure.

    What Japanese LPs want

    Takako Koizumi, investment director at Tokio Marine Asset Management, tells Shawn Wang about the strategies and sectors that are capturing the attention of Japanese institutions.

    The next generation of infrastructure investors

    Asian LPs are emerging with significant commitments to infrastructure in developed markets. What’s driving them? Nia Tam finds out.

    The first ones in

    The pioneers of US offshore wind believe its time as a competitive energy source is not far away, writes Jordan Stutts

    Driving in the right direction

    How can we get better traffic forecasts? Toll road analyst Robert Bain is asked this all the time, but suggests that while ongoing technical improvement is a commendable goal, infrastructure investors may be asking the wrong question

    High performance

    With Fund III closed at a record €4bn and Funds I and II returning 26% and 35% respectively, EQT head of real assets Lennart Blecher tells Zak Bentley what makes the Swedish manager stand out from the pack

    Future-proofing assets

    At a time of great political and technological upheaval, infrastructure fund managers are ever more pressured to plan for both threatening developments and promising trends. Five industry luminaries tell Matthieu Favas how they go about it

    Building trust

    There is plenty of capital to be raised from Asia, managers say. But fundraising there requires a lot of legwork, Andrew Vitelli reports.

    REIT promise

    One of real estate’s most popular ownership vehicles has found a niche within infrastructure in the past decade. But will the troubles of the last year scare off investors, or will the clarity brought by regulatory rulings bring more into the space? Andrew Vitelli investigates.