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More than 30 years after privatisation, water companies are still struggling to rein in serious pollution incidents. We examine why and what can be done to fix the problem.
But that potential can only be fully realised through public-private co-operation.
Head of infra Mathias Burghardt talks about the firm’s partnership with FiveT, the new JV’s strategy and his predictions regarding hydrogen’s rise.
Infighting threatens US infra progress, Stonepeak hires Macquarie Capital veteran and Quinbrook looks to replicate Nevada success. Welcome to The Pipeline, the start-the-week briefing for our valued subscribers only.
Fiona Reynolds says she will provide advice on what investors ‘want and need’ with regards to sustainability following eight years at PRI.
With a growing number of GPs looking to launch impact initiatives, we analyse whether good intentions or clever marketing are driving the trend.
The new partnership, which includes the Asian Development Bank and Clifford Capital Holdings, aims to catalyse financing of marginally bankable sustainable infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia.
Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation thinks they might be, thanks to a programme established in 2018; and that this time, things might be different.
The weight of the institutions involved and the clarity of the approach suggest that the ESG Data Convergence Project could herald the standardisation of ESG data in private equity.

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