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Keep calm and carry on

As the UK continues to consider the fallout of its recent votes, three leading infrastructure investors gather to tell us why they continue to have faith in the country despite the risks.

UK post-Brexit marketing position still unclear

The UK is unlikely to be approved for a marketing passport in time for a 2019 exit from the EU.

Why Brexit impact on funds may be limited

Brexit will have implications for loan-originating fund structures but they may not be too dramatic, according to Patricia Volhard of Debevoise.

UK reveals post-Brexit plans for EIB funding

An extension of the guarantee system and credit enhancements are among the tools considered for infrastructure projects after March 2019.

Brexit group urges EIB replacement for infra

The ICE-led body, chaired by Sir John Armitt, believes EIB membership needs to be retained but wants the creation of a UK investment bank should such efforts fail.

Brexit threatens UK infra workers, RICS says

The loss of more than 175,000 EU construction workers, equivalent to 8% of the workforce, could put the government’s £500bn infrastructure pipeline at risk.

Door open for post-Brexit UK stake in EIB

We get a brief on the UK’s possible relationships with the lender and the European Fund for Strategic Investments once the country is now longer an EU member.

Outlook 2017: The will of the people

Political risk is a perennial infrastructure talking point, but this year’s stunning electoral upsets served as a reminder of just how disruptive voters can be.

EU regulators dubious about AIFMD passport extension

Offering an AIFMD passport to some jurisdictions may be of little benefit to EU investors, market participants say.

UK funds post-Brexit: Sailing through the fog

With much still to be decided about what the UK’s divorce from the EU will look like, investing long-term is no easy task. But three experts tell us why they remain upbeat about Britain.