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Yes, Q1 fundraising is down – but don’t panic

Our final figures confirm a poor start to the fundraising year. We highlight four reasons why GPs shouldn’t lose heart just yet.

Conservatives will not be Dr Jekyll to Labour’s Mr Hyde

Two UK ministers, two conferences and the disturbing message that business-friendly governments are not a panacea to private capital’s freedom to invest in infrastructure.

Building walls

The 2018 Omnibus spending bill has been called a ‘down payment’ on infrastructure. But with projects like Gateway being used as political bargaining chips, we’re finding little cause for celebration.

Ownership is not the key to overvalued assets

Reports from the UK and Australia show that both the public and private sector are perfectly capable of delivering overweight RABs, suggesting the problem lies elsewhere.

Buzzword from Berlin: ‘Engagement’

And if you want a catchphrase to go with it, add ‘customer service’, as attendees at our Global Summit grappled with the heightened importance of end-users in an increasingly populist world.

Regulation, regulation, regulation

Ofgem’s ‘tough new framework’ – hot on the heels of Ofwat’s recent call for ‘profound changes’ – signals the end of a golden era of UK regulated investment.

Why digital is very much an infra play

Telecoms and data centres might be attracting the attention of the real estate crowd, but there’s no doubt infrastructure investors are the natural managers of these assets.

Time to celebrate our award winners

Our Global Awards are out, with 51 trophies awarded and GIP, I Squared and Meridiam winning big in this ninth edition.

Private capital strikes back

The tables have turned with infrastructure funds, once edged out of deals by yieldcos, now buying these vehicles.

The Great Correction’s valuations warning

How much value added comes from riding the interest rate curve versus more sustainable improvements?

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