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Key phrase for 2018: ‘social purpose’

Carillion’s collapse underlines how hard life might become for infrastructure investors that are unable to conclusively demonstrate how they add value to the communities they operate in.

We need to talk about how infra is funded

Tribalism about procurement methods is preventing a serious discussion about who pays for infrastructure in an age of unprecedented consumer empowerment.

Can infrastructure ever beat short-termist politics?

Lord Adonis’s resignation as chairman of the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission raises uncomfortable questions about the body’s relevance and future.

2017: The Year of Infra

An extraordinary 12 months has further cemented infrastructure as a mainstream investment.

Four takeaways from II’s New York Summit

Trump, PABs, water and Canada were on the minds of investors at our conference last week.

Our Global Awards are live – vote now!

You have until 7 January to pick your winners in the latest edition of our Global Awards, with 50 categories to celebrate a busy year.

Exiting in the age of iTunes

Whether you favour wholesale realisations or piecemeal sales, Fund I vintages are showing the merits of diversification, why being first matters and how everybody makes mistakes.

The Belt and Road’s twisting turns

We held a Belt and Road Initiative-themed workshop at last week’s Hong Kong Summit. Here are three key takeaways.

Investors need to shed old greenfield myths

Infracapital just closed its debut greenfield fund on £1.25bn. That it took two years to raise and one investor felt compelled to remove it from its infra bucket shows there’s still work to be done.

Three things you might have missed

How macro policy might be about to boost infra; why investors are ambivalent about government infra plans; and a reminder about our Global Awards.