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Much as renewables are driving sector-focused equity fundraising, the same movement is being seen on the debt side, with digital infra potentially not far behind.
In trying to deliver investor certainty and climate relief with its Sustainable Finance Taxonomy, the EU has come up with a solution which may well do the opposite.
The biggest fund raised in Q1 is dedicated to the sector. And of the top five vehicles closed, only one is a generalist.
Sophisticated LPs have been aligning themselves with sector-specialist GPs in recent years, and this pair's $500m partnership is a milestone deal.
While it doesn’t exactly embrace private capital, the president’s plan doesn’t push it away either, allowing for plenty of opportunities to co-operate.
February’s crippling snowstorms froze wind turbines across the Lone Star State, crashed its power grid and blew up the swaps underpinning its renewables market.
All Chinese investors were essentially classed as sovereign capital by the government last year, sources say, but the stance may be softening in 2021.
Well thought-through structures – long term, sustainable and scrutinised – that bring the public along for the ride could boost private markets and public policy.
The simple idea of giving all portfolio company employees an ownership stake in their firm could give GPs a competitive advantage.
BP’s recent entrance into the UK’s offshore wind market was an expensive decision, but this only reflects the market realities faced by large-cap investors needing to make their mark.

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