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Infrastructure is certainly getting to be a crowded field, but GPs don’t feel crowded out by government spending in the sector. Instead, they welcome it with open arms, writes Cezary Podkul.   
Infrastructure funds are seeking some $94bn in fresh commitments. Take this with a grain of salt. Massive opportunity notwithstanding, not all of these funds will get raised, writes Cezary Podkul.  
What’s the best way to own infrastructure assets? A small, but increasingly vocal, group of open ended fund managers are saying, “Our way”, finds Cezary Podkul.  
Market conditions worldwide are darkening, but the infrastructure asset class will likely be among the first to see the sun, writes Cezary Podkul.  
If state and local authorities' price expectations aren't met, negotiations with state legislators can prove futile for private infrastructure investors.  

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