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Investors’ infra allocation desire increases by 38%

However, national infrastructure plans receive lukewarm backing, according to a joint Global Infrastructure Hub and EDHECInfra study.

Increased transparency in China’s PPPs, says Moody’s

The country’s market for public-private partnerships has grown by $437bn in the first half of this year.

MDB-backed credit enhancement plays growing role

Moody’s expects to see several ‘innovative, precedent-setting credit enhanced transactions’ backing developing world infrastructure in the next 18 months.

UK to study ‘updated evidence’ on runway battle

The government maintains it does not anticipate further delays to the lengthy approval process.

Peak infra? Investors cool on asset class, Probitas finds

The placement agent’s 2017 survey saw a majority of institutional investors keeping their infra exposure flat.

Conditions are right for more campus PPPs, Fitch says

The ratings agency said tight budgets and risk management will lead more colleges and universities to enter public-private partnerships for campus developments.

US transportation infra sector healthy, Fitch says

Despite growing interest, PPP growth is held back by political constraints, the ratings agency cautions.

FCA study: PE takes shock hit on fee reporting

The regulator’s final report on the asset management industry will increase the regulatory burden on private equity firms.

Fitch predicts ‘solid’ US transportation growth

In its latest report on transportation trends, the agency expects its ratings to remain stable across ports, airports and toll roads.

Moody’s predicts rise in US toll roads

With a sizeable infrastructure funding gap and little will in Washington to bring in additional revenue, toll roads and PPPs will play a growing role, the agency said in a report.