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Investment in broadband connectivity remains inadequate to deliver the many economic and social benefits that internet access can deliver. Public and private sector alignment could change that.
Although digital assets can sometimes seem very different to traditional ones, existing methods for finding fair value remain largely relevant.
Nuclear energy
Demonised by some and viewed as the only reliable route to decarbonisation by others, nuclear power could be bolstered by small modular reactors.
Geothermal energy
Hope is growing that the technology could play a more prominent role in the energy transition.
D is for II ET24
By retrofitting district heating networks with green energy sources, decarbonisation can be greatly accelerated.
The energy transition represents a sizable opportunity for private investors, but support is needed across markets if global goals are to be achieved.
tech AI network
Artificial intelligence is set to transform the infrastructure sector by optimising both physical and digital assets.
The infrastructure sector has undoubtedly made progress towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 but a shift in investment strategies is still needed to further support the transition.
Infrastructure assets are of critical importance to both local and global communities. Fortunately, investors can serve those communities without compromising returns.
The importance of data centres to the global economy is not lost on investors, but a focus on sustainability could end up damaging the valuations of these energy-hungry assets.

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