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climate change resilience
Building resilience into infrastructure will be critical for offsetting future climate risk.
Nuclear power energy
The low-carbon energy source may have fallen out of favour, but technological evolution and the urgent need to decarbonise could revive investor appetite.
Circular economy
Humankind’s rapacious appetite for resources is reaching a tipping point and calls for a rethink in how we design and deliver critical infrastructure.
abstract rainbow
We examine some of the major themes and topics that the infrastructure sector will see in the future.
Funding money cash
Infrastructure capital needs vary widely across the planet, but more must be done to redistribute investment more equitably.
Building bridges connection
Infrastructure can help create a more inclusive and equitable society.
tech AI network
Artificial intelligence is set to transform the infrastructure sector by optimising both physical and digital assets.
Urbanisation city
The rise in projected urbanisation will require new and improved infrastructure.
Team work
Four of the industry’s rising stars to discuss the evolution of infrastructure investing.
Quote speech opinion
Infrastructure investing has undergone significant change over the past decade, so what does the future hold? We ask Igneo's Marcus Ayre and Gravis Capital's Phil Kent for their perspectives.

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